PCC has the strategy in place to develop the most efficient, least cost, production method & system for cannabis cultivation. This involves the integration of genetics, production methods and environmental controls that deliver desired traits most effectively and consistently. The PCC model utilizes proven plant bioscience technology & successful controlled environmental crop & vegetable production methods, facilities, equipment and automation and applies it to Cannabis production.  Precision Cultivation Company's strategy targets the Biotech and Cultivation sectors with a focus on Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis & CBD.


Precision Cultivation builds on proven plant bioscience technology to deliver a scalable cannabis genetic & production model.  PCC's research, genetic methodology and focus on trait specific product development establishes a process that will help fill the demand of the cannabis biotechnology industry and the ever changing unique needs of the consumer market. 


Precision Cultivation uses established controlled environmental crop & vegetable production methods, facilities, equipment and automation.  This creates the opportunity for a standardized production methodology that will predictably and consistently deliver the same quality products from each harvest.  It is Precision Cultivation Company’s mission to be the leader in efficiency, quality and consistent product supply.



Precision Cultivation uses state of the art environmental control systems including: technologically advanced fertigation, irrigation, ventilation, hydroponic grow systems & and greenhouse production systems.  These advanced systems establish PCC as the leading company in cannabis production, innovation, methodology and technology.  



Evaluations of fertility programs, pest management programs, hydroponics, fertigation, genetic comparison, plant populations, and other research specific to Cannabis have been underway for 2 years.  We are utilizing our 30+ years experience in research & production of vegetable & commodity crops utilizing plant bio science, genetic development, precision agriculture technology and methodology.  This includes the development of a program that integrates genetics, production methods and environmental conditions into a total system of production decisions utilizing research and production data.

Current R&D that we are evaluating as part of our Precision Cultivation model:  

1) Plant Density & Production Cycles  

2) Fertility 

3) Genetic Development                   

4) Lighting

5) Integrated Genetic, Cultivation & Environment