Upcoming Conferences & Speaking Engagements

Our Founder and CEO, James Ott and our Production Manager, Jeremy Raab have several upcoming speaking engagements that you won’t want to miss.

The first is at The Cannabis Cultivation Conference in Oakland, CA on March 20-22.


  • On Tuesday March 21st from 11-12 a.m., James will be part of the Keynote Panel discussing The State of the Cannabis Market.

"In this featured session, industry experts will share insights into overcoming regulatory hurdles, including banking and a federally illegal status, changes in the regulatory landscape and how those continue to shape commercial cultivation businesses, the impact of shifting consumer and regulatory demands on the medical and recreational marijuana markets, and what cannabis cultivators can and should learn from commercial agriculture.”  http://www.cannabiscultivationconference.com/page/schedule

  • From 1:30 - 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday March 21st, Jeremy will be speaking on the topic:  Ways to Increase Yield.

"Yield is the holy grail of the cannabis industry. So whether you're a boutique grower or run a large-scale cultivation operation, learning new ways to maximize yield without sacrificing quality is always a priority. Especially with caps on crop sizes, license limitations and expanding markets to serve, maximizing yield is, for many, the only way to expand. Take home practical insights from experienced cultivators on ways to get more from your plants ... to get more from your business."  http://www.cannabiscultivationconference.com/page/schedule

Be sure to check out the bios for James and Jeremy along with the other speakers at the conference:  http://www.cannabiscultivationconference.com/

James Ott will also be participating in the Thrive Cannabis Business & Technology Conference in Miami, FL on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at the James L. Knight Center.

http://miamicannabisconference.com/  Stay tuned for schedule details.

A Letter from our CEO, Jim Ott & an Inspiring Video Clip


"This is an incredible 3 minute video, and only one of many with similiar stories and conditions where the medical benefit of cannabis can change peoples lives.   It breaks my heart to see the suffering that goes with this and other conditions.   It motivates and drives me to work relentlessly to provide the medicine from cannabis to help them restore their life.  

It is at the foundation of why I am committed to the expansion of the medical and genetic science and the development of the production and dosing systems to deliver this medicine.    

I hope this will inspire you, as it has me, to pursue this mission with resounding resolve." - Jim Ott 12/04/16

James R. Ott, Founder & CEO of Precision Cultivation Company, Ltd. Appointed to Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Advisory Committee

James R. Ott, Founder & CEO of Precision Cultivation Company, Ltd.  Appointed to Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Advisory Committee

Longmont, Colorado, October, 2016- The Office of the Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture has announced that the Chair of the House Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee and the Chair of the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy Committee have jointly appointed James R. Ott, Founder and CEO of Precision Cultivation Company, Ltd. to the Industrial Hemp Advisory Committee as one of a four member committee.  The committee’s efforts are to guide and direct the development of the Hemp Industry in Colorado. 

With over 30 years in the Agriculture Industry, James R. Ott founded Precision Cultivation Company, Ltd. to advance the development, delivery & utilization of crops for the enhancement of human health. 

Precision Cultivation Company, Ltd.’s model utilizes proven plant bioscience technology & successful controlled environmental crop & vegetable production methods, facilities, equipment and automation and applies it to Cannabis production.  PCC’s strategy is to develop the most efficient, least cost, production method & system for cannabis cultivation involving the integration of genetics, production methods and environmental controls that deliver desired traits most effectively and consistently.  Precision Cultivation Company Ltd. is involved in the Biotech and Cultivation sectors with a focus on Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis & CBD.