Services We Provide to Cannabis Cultivators

Precision Cultivation Company is an R&D company that provides strategic partnership opportunities to a network of Cannabis cultivators, giving our partners the advantage of leveraging tomorrow's technology and science today.

We provide business, cultivation and management services to companies who want to reduce their cost of production and increase the revenue of their business. Utilizing sophisticated business principles, genetic & production optimization research, continuous product development & process improvement with state of the art analytics & metrics, we provide a standardized cultivation system.  Our system provides an efficiency advantage today and differentiated products & processes into the future.   

The cannabis business is evolving quickly and the companies with a source for new genetics, continuously improving production processes and a Strategic Partner providing their standardized cultivation system will be ideally positioned to thrive as their company continues to grow.

Our Services are Composed of 4 Key Categories


We focus on business & financial planning first, as it is the foundation of any successful enterprise.

  • Strategy Assessment & Business Planning
  • Capital Strategy & Sourcing
  • Financial Modeling & Planning
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing & Branding


Facility Design takes into account all business, financial and physical parameters.

  • Site Assessment
  • Facility Design & Engineering
  • Equipment Design & Specification
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation & Fertigation
  • HVAC
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Software & Hardware
  • Supplies


We partner with you to design the most efficient & profitable process for cultivation.

  • Plant Genetics
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Production Scheduling
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Data Collection
  • Operational Protocols
  • Staffing
  • Quality Control & Compliance
  • GAP Procedures & Oversight


We believe Research & Development is integral to a growing & evolving business.  

  • Plant Breeding & Genetic Development
  • Trait Expression Optimization
  • Production Methodology Optimization
  • Environmental Optimization & Controls
  • Automation, Sensing & Monitoring

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